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English Corner

Thoughts on the “Directory of Institutions in the United State and Canada with Pre-1600 Manuscript Holdings”

"The Tate announced today that it has released a digital archive of artist William Furlong’s landmark Audio Arts magazine, which was distributed in the form of cassette tapes from 1972 to 2004. The uniquely formatted magazine collected more than 1,640 interviews with artists, critics, and other art world illuminati including Marina Abramovic, Carl Andre, Joseph Beuys, Daniel Buren, John Cage, Tacita Dean, Sarah Lucas, Nancy Spero, and Rachel Whiteread, among many others."


"In a series of over 150 letters that the Ransom Center is publishing online as part of the Carl H. Pforzheimer collection of English manuscripts, clerks from England’s Office of the Secretary of State reveal the intimate relationship they enjoyed with one of England’s chief diplomats in Northern Europe during the last quarter of the seventeenth century. "

"Dear Author,
Your Author Dashboard shows you had 53 new downloads in the past month of your 1 paper in Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication. This brings your total readership to 2302. "


"ABA members should be aware that books bearing the stamp of the Stralsund Gymnasium Bibliothek, with release stamp, may not be quite what they seem. In 2012, several thousand volumes from the Stralsund city archives were sold to an antiques dealer, and subsequently dispersed in the trade. Some of the more notable books, such as a Kepler volume, appeared at auction. It appears that the sale of these books was not legal under the terms of the library's charter but that title was legally transferred in subsequent sales. The library has been buying back some of the books sold. Anyone who has a book bearing the Stralsund library stamp should contact: Dr. Burkhard Kunkel at:"

"China has launched a virtual museum documenting the Second Sino-Japanese War. “The virtual museum was jointly launched by the Museum of the War of the Chinese People’s Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, the Beijing Internet Association, major Beijing-based websites, and the Beijing Radio and Television Network.”

gives no URL for the "Virtual Museum of the War of the Chinese People's Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (1937-1945)" but having searched in Google for


I found an article in the Chinese Wikipedia on the Memorial (translated by Google translate) and I guess the web adress

could be the Virtual Museum.


Dear all:

I am glad to announce that the European Commission has given one of its annual prestigious “Europa Nostra” awards – the only one going to Germany this year (cf – to the Friends’ Organisation (Förderverein) of the Church Library of St Mary’s in Barth (NE Germany), for which I am serving as a member of the Advisory Board.

The library, located in the small town of Barth near the Baltic Sea and first mentioned in 1398, is one of the oldest parish libraries in Germany, certainly the oldest still existing in the exact same place where it was founded more than 600 years ago. Among its holdings are a dozen or so medieval manuscripts, ca 130 incunabula, and thousands of rare books, most of which have yet to be properly catalogued and will also require enormous conservation efforts. The gothic room where the books are kept was restored in the past couple of years with extraordinary support from the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung, Essen, and was reopened in March, 2013.

The statement of the jury (in English) can be found here:, with link to the Friends website at, photos and a short film. For further information (the library can be visited “on demand”), please contact the Förderverein at General information about St Mary’s church (in German) at

Thanks, have a good weekend,

Dr. Falk Eisermann

Biblioteca Bardensis, Barth, GERMANY

"A new British Library collaboration called the Virtual Mappa project is well under way, using digital images of a selection of medieval world maps - mappaemundi - and some excellent new annotation software (more on that at a later date). High-resolution images of these maps will be available online for public use, with transcribed and translated text, notes, links to outside resources and other tools for understanding these marvellous mappaemundi". - See more at:" AGB

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