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The Open Access Tracking Project (OATP) is starting a transition to TagTeam, a new and more versatile tagging platform. This is a significant improvement to the project, and may also count as long-awaited. At least I've been looking forward to this day for more than two years.

OATP is a social-tagging project I launched in April 2009 with the twofold purpose of alerting readers to new OA developments and organizing knowledge about OA. For more about OATP, see the project home page or my article about the project in SOAN for May 2009 .

TagTeam is a new open-source tagging service I developed with Dan Collis-Puro at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society. For more about TagTeam, see the TagTeam site or my short introduction, "What is TagTeam?"

OATP readers follow new OA developments by reading one or more project feeds, and OATP taggers tag new OA developments for themselves and for readers.

Until now, both kinds of OATP participant had to use Connotea, the tagging platform from the Nature Publishing Group. The transition means that readers should switch from Connotea feeds to TagTeam feeds, and that taggers are now free to use other tagging platforms, such as Delicious, CiteULike, Connotea, or TagTeam itself.

If you've previously participated in OATP as a reader or tagger, it's easy to continue to participate. If you haven't previously participated, it's easy to get started. For the details, see our handout on the transition.

Here's a quick summary of the transition handout:

(1) To participate as a reader

If you subscribe to any OATP feeds from Connotea, it's time to switch to the counterpart feeds from TagTeam. If you've never subscribed to the OATP feed, this is a good time to start. The feed is available in RSS or Atom, and will soon be available by email, Twitter, and other formats. Here are the RSS and Atom versions of the primary project feed:

If you want to read the feed without subscribing, just visit the HTML version whenever you'd like to catch up on what the project taggers have discovered.

Starting September 17, ten days from today, my assistants and I will stop tagging for OATP through Connotea. Starting then, the Connotea project feeds will become less and less comprehensive. The only way to get comprehensive OATP feeds will be through TagTeam. Please use the next ten days to subscribe to the new TagTeam feeds of your choice.

For the next ten days, my assistants and I will tag new developments in both Connotea and TagTeam. Hence, neither early-switchers nor late-switchers should miss anything.

Also on September 17, the OATP Twitter feed will switch from the Connotea source to the TagTeam source. If you follow OATP through Twitter rather than HTML, RSS, or email, you needn't change anything.

(2) To participate as a tagger

If you previously used Connotea to tag new items for OATP, you may continue to tag from Connotea if you like. Or you may switch to a different tagging platform, such as Delicious or CiteULike. You may switch to any tagging platform that generates RSS or Atom feeds for each tag. Or you may tag directly from TagTeam. It's your choice, and you may use more than one platform if you like.

All you have to do is notify us so that OATP can subscribe to the feed of items you tag for the project. OATP will then braid those items together with items tagged by others, remove duplicates, merge the tags, and make the resulting feeds available to project readers.

For details on how to tag for OATP from the tagging platform of your choice, see the transition handout.

The development of TagTeam 1.0 focused on architecture, basic functions, and efficiency, not the elegance of the look and feel. Version 2.0 will add a slew of new features and include an aesthetic makeover. We're still near the start of this exciting project.

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