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In the collaborative archival blog Archivalia (founded in February 2003) have I and some other contributors posted more than 1800 entries in the English language in the so-called English Corner

There is a separate RSS feed at

This year's Archivalia advent calendar features a "Best of" of 10 years Archivalia:

At least one entry should be an English one. Please let me know your favourite entry!



The first entry in the English Corner was published on February 10, 2003:

To make browsing easyer I have compiled the following list.

First January 2004 entries:

First 2005 entries

(This means: around 130 entries in 2004 in the "English Corner")

First 2006 entries

First 2007 entries

First 2008 entries

First 2009 entries

First 2010 entries

First 2011 entries

First 2012 entries

First 2013 entries

The decrease of entries in the English language since 2011 is partly attribuable to the fact that I am blogging English links in the Tumblr blog Archivalia_EN (mosty entries posting images), see below.


Some examples of interesting or remarkable entries in this category:

Berlin Declaration on Open Access (2003)

The Labadie collection, Univ. of Michigan (2004)
by Ingrid Strauch

What means Open Access? (2004)
See also

Finding E-Books (2005)
Actually Place 18 of Archivalia's mostread entries since 2003 (23352 visits)

Electronic Reserves and Open Access (2005)
See also

How Google Print is Blocking Not-US-Citizens (2005)
See also

Burning Money: Google's Scanning Nonsense (2006)

Google Library Project Expands to Spain (2006)
with list of Digital Libraries of rare Books in Spain

Entries on the Karlsruhe cultural desaster in the English language (2006)
See also (by Nicolas Barker)

MSN Live Search Books (2006)
The project was shut down in 2008:

How the Wellcome Trust is breaking the Creative Commons rules (2007)

How to find the correct volume and issue number in Google Books (2007)

An Archivist’s 2.0 Manifesto? (2007)
Reblogged from Kate Theimer
Again reblogged by Thomas Wolf (2010)

How Harnad is adulterating Open Access (2007)
See also

Digital Libraries in Japan with content in western languages (2008) as a Platform for Nazi Propaganda (2008)
By Ladislaus

Opinion piece: Max Planck Society and Springer strike a deal (2008)
By Bernd-Christoph Kämper

Top Cited articles 2004-2008 (2008)

There is no need to update the BBB definition! (2008)
See also

Secret Destruction of Cardiff Heritage Collection (2008)
See also (Collection saved)

Research Institutes in the History of Arts against Rising Image Permission Costs (2008)

ICA-Message of sympathy and support for Cologne Archives (2009)
By Thomas Wolf
See also

English News on the Cologne Archive Collapse (Updated) (2009)
By Frank Schlöffel (who wrote many more such summaries in Archivalia)

Webliographer's Manifesto (2009)
By Dana F. Sutton

US: Library Deaccessioning (2009)

A look at the scholarship of Harvard's famous Professor Andrew H. Knoll (comparing DASH and Google Scholar) (2009)

Large Digital Libraries of Pre-1800 Printed Books in Western Languages (2009)
Last Update: November 2013

ICA: Visit of Mr. Jean-Wilfrid Bertrand, director of the National Archives of Haiti (2010)
By Thomas Wolf
See also

How to use an US-Proxy to get access to HathiTrust items (2011)

UFO file release August 2011 (2011)
By Thomas Wolf

Archival Haiku 2011. Winners of the SAA Contest (2011)
By Thomas Wolf

Typewriter Day at Archivalia_EN (2011)
NB: Since September 2011 is online
"Archivalia ac Digitalia - a twitter-like blog with stuff from Archivalia's English corner and content in the English language plus additional stuff from elsewhere "
In Archivalia-EN can be found a lot of link stuff not covered in Archivalia!

Simon Chu:The Power of Archives in Human Rights Advocacy
By Thomas Wolf

If Open Access, then libre Open Access. If libre Open Access, then CC BY! (2012)

News on the Girolamini thefts in Naples (2012)
See also

Causa Stralsund – the sellout of an archive (2012)
See also

Our tribute to Aaron Swartz – #pdftribute (2013)

Lists of digitized manuscript catalogs and multi-library medieval manuscript databases (2013)

News from the Georgia Archives (2013)
See also (2013) AGB

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