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Building upon its initial role and funded project given to it by JISC, the Depot is being opened up into a facility to support the Open Access agenda internationally.

The Depot is an assured gateway to make your research Open Access. We provide two main services:

a deposit service for researchers worldwide without an institutional repository in which to deposit their papers, articles, and book chapters (e-prints)
a re-direct service which alerts depositors to more appropriate local services if they exist
The first time a researcher visits the Depot we will automatically check with OpenDOAR, the registry for open access repositories, to find a more appropriate local repository. If none exists then the author will be invited to deposit their research in the Depot. The Depot is OAI-compliant, allowing deposited e-prints to be 'harvested' by search engines and other repositories, giving them instant global visibility.

For the present you can find the Depot at but working with eIFL-OA we hope to provide a more international URL to denote its new role.

If you are a researcher/author wishing to make papers, articles, and book chapters (e-prints) available under self-deposit (Green) open access, or if your role is to support researchers with these aims, then please pass on the simple message:

"Put it in the Depot" at

Theo Andrew from the DEPOT team was so kind to answer two questions on non-affiliated authors and the language policy:

Our stated aim for The Depot is to provide an open access repository for all researchers worldwide without a local repository service easily available to them. In our context we use the term 'research institution' to broadly cover business or governmental researchers.

Due to the project roots naturally our initial focus has been on english language publications, however we wouldn't turn away deposits of peer-reviewed material in another language.

The main criteria is that the author deposits peer reviewed material - for example journal articles/conference papers. AGB

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