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Im Rahmen einer von Benutzer FrobenChristoph ausgelobten Wette sind innnerhalb von 4 Tagen die 70 Texte der Kategorie Flugschriften (sie stammen überwiegend aus dem 17. Jahrhundert) alle fertig bearbeitet worden.

Ben Brumfield (Gast) meinte am 2009/11/07 04:08:
How do they link the scanned images with the text transcriptions?
In 2005, I explored modifications to the MediaWiki software to allow it to be used to create transcriptions of manuscript images. My attempt was unsuccessful, as at that time a pure wiki did not differentiate between commentary articles and image-linked transcriptions, nor did it support aggregating page transcriptions into chapters or books.

The Flugschrift transcription project seems to have avoided these limitations by the elegant method of limiting its material to single-page scans. They've also used an infobox template to link the source text in the scanned image to the transcribed text. I would love to know more about what they're attempting, and whether my inferance about their methodology is correct. 
KlausGraf antwortete am 2009/11/07 15:55:
PR1 and PR2
There is no link from the scanned image on Commons to the text transcription.

In the other direction there are such links.

First, what we call "PR1":

If you click to the link under [1] (first page of the broad-sheet) you will see:

Normally you can edit the text but completed texts are not editable for not-registered users.

Second, "PR2" mostly used for whole books:

You can see the program lines how the single pages are added when editing the page:

If you click on the page [3] you will see:

The link "Scan" brings you to the scan.

The Link ^ brings you to the so-called Index-Page where you can see the proofreading status of the single pages of the book:

In better English than mine you can read a help page in the English Wikisource project:

Hope that helps. 
Ben Brumfield (Gast) antwortete am 2009/11/07 20:33:
Fascinating, and many thanks for the links and introduction. I had no idea the Page: namespace ("Seite:" on de.) existed. It looks like the support for image-linked pages began around 2006 on the fr. site.

Do you know if the proofreading extension been used for manuscript material in addition to printed works? AGB

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